Snow Day L.A.

Snow Day LA. Adventuring through Los Angeles, CA. Things to do while you are in L.A. Winter time activities

Looking for something fun to do in Los Angeles during Christmas time? I suggest you check out Snow Day L.A.


It is held near Downtown Los Angeles, right by the Dodger stadium. The hike up the hill wasn’t too bad, but as you turn the corner they had a big sign out front.


I went with my roommate and we opted for the VIP deal which included $1 off sparkly beer, Penguin onesies, and you get to go through the VIP lines for tubing which is quicker than waiting in the normal lines.

Here are the sparkly beers…

Not the best quality, but I took a joy ride down the hill on a tube, it was fun! They had 3 hills to choose from. We only rode two of them due to the lines being so long, but the longer hill was my favorite.

Here we are posing in our Penguin outfits. They were super cute and soft!


The price was a little steep for the activities that were there, however, it seemed like it was worth it with the onesies included.  Next year, I’d probably opt for the cheaper pass and wear my Penguin onesie again.


The park was lit up with Christmas lights everywhere, they had music playing, a dance area, and bubbles everywhere creating a magical winter wonderland.  They even had a place to take pictures.

The snow was actually bubbles which made it look like a winter wonderland.

Hope you have a fun adventure as well…Thanks for reading!

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Glamping at Conestoga Ranch in Utah

Glamping at Conestoga Ranch in Utah. Near the border of Idaho by Bear Lake.

Camping is not my general idea of a good time.  Thinking about the bugs that will be crawling in and around the tent as well as the rocky ground and horrible sleep you get… it just doesn’t sound fun.  So when I heard we were going “Glamping” that perked my interests.  I hadn’t ever been Glamping before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had heard about “Glamping” from those “House Wives” shows on tv but wasn’t sure how similar the experience would be.lvvTw7LdTbe8v+hMlzQuKg


My friend Megan got married so she invited a group of her closest friends to come to her wedding reception brunch and glamping for the weekend to celebrate.  I am not much of a camper so I decided I’d give it a go since she’s one of my dearest friends.


I’ve lived in Utah most of my life and been to Bear lake one other time as a child.  Bear Lake is lake bordering Utah and Idaho which many locals from Utah drift to in the Summer for a nice beach day to cool down, boat, fish, and ultimately just get away from the city and heat for the weekend.

Conestoga Ranch is where we stayed.  From the moment we arrived, we all giggled when we saw the “Old School” wagons which for the next 3 days we’d call home.  The  Resort was extremely clean and welcoming upon arrival.  They were very kind offering free bikes to ride (with consent forms signed) and golf carts to help us with our luggage to the tents and wagons. (Note: You can’t take the golf carts for your own personal joy ride… I asked…lol).

Once we unpacked the car we went to our wagon, we chose the one that slept 6, however, there are other wagons that sleep more or less.




The man showing us around said they have only the very best beds and sheets that are usually meant for fine hotels.  He wasn’t wrong, I haven’t slept so soundly as I did on those beds.  We had 4 bunk beds as well as I believe a queen/king for the other 2 people to share fitting 6 people quite comfy in a wagon.

Megan and her new Husband Brian shared a huge tent for just the two of them. They are living that luxury married life now, lol. Their tent made us all envious.  From the clawfoot tub to the luxurious fireplace, they had all the amenities fit for glamping royalty.


At the time of check-in, we noticed Conestoga Ranch was offering $10 yoga so I signed up.  The view at sunset made the class worth it, but the instructor was also fabulous so that didn’t hurt.


Firepits at sunset were started and put out later at night by the staff so that was nice to not have to worry about anything just bringing out the smores (which they also provided us upon check-in).  Anything you need, the staff was a phone call away to providing it for us. That was pretty nice.


There was a full building designated to bathrooms and showers, they were brand new and beautiful.  It was nice they had so many you never had to wait in line.  The showers were hot and after a cold water beach day it was luxury…most of us took really long showers merely because it was so relaxing, they even provide towels and soap should you leave yours at home.

IMG_2594 3

They have roping set up if you want to practice your skills outside the bathrooms, which I gave a try, but wasn’t very good at.

The Campfire Grill Restaurant where we ate was delicious.  The chef made me a truffle cheeseburger I’ll never forget.  We also ate breakfast there, I recommend the banana brulé oatmeal, it was delish!  The brunch was delicious as well, it was buffet style and the staff was very attentive.



All in all, I’d say glamping is more my speed. I live for the adventure, but I also like to have electricity and heat.  I’d recommend you check out Conestoga Ranch if you are ever in Bear Lake, it was one of the best trips I’ve taken to date.


Fenway & The Boston Marathon

Fenway Park Baseball game and The 2018 Boston Marathon

My Trip to The Boston Marathon 2018 & Fenway Park.

When your friend tells you they raised over $12,000 for Massachusetts General (Mass General) Hospital and they are running the Boston Marathon, you jump on a plane and go support them, or at least that’s what I did anyway. Caitlin Burchill is one of my newer friends and is such a great inspiration to those from her hometown of  (Walpole) Boston, let alone her new Utah family.

So I got on the red-eye Saturday night and arrived early Sunday morning. She had to go the expo center to pick up all of her gear and running stuff so I decided although raining I was going to head to Fenway Park and go see a Sox game. But before I did, I met up with Caitlin and her mom to go check out the finish line and take some pictures of this momentous occasion.



We walked around, took pictures, and saw the memorial shrines being placed for all those that had lost their lives from the bombing at the Boston Marathon only a few years prior. I tagged along and the ladies ventured off through Copley Square to sightsee where we eventually stopped at Whiskey’s Bar and had a beverage before I’d venture off by myself to the game.


I lucked out last year and bought a ticket to the World Series from a bum on the street for super cheap, so that was my game plan again for this game. I found a man offering cheap tickets, the game had already started, so I haggled him down to $25 for the $50 ticket. Please do this with caution as many of them sell fake tickets or postdated tickets. He offered to walk me to the gate so that’s usually a good sign he wasn’t selling me a fake ticket. I had a nosebleed chair of course, so I looked down and since it was raining there wasn’t a lot of people in the chairs. I grabbed a beer and casually walked down to the front rows like I had a ticket. Ya, ya, I know, not right..blah blah blah…I didn’t care it was raining the chair was empty, no big deal.



I sat next to some drunk people who made the game especially fun.  Eventually, everyone had followed suit and came to sit near the front of the game.  All the chairs next to me were full by the end.  Soaking wet, the Sox won, the game was over and I decided to head across the street to a bar called Beerworks. They make their own beers there and I, of course, had a great time sampling a few.  I left a happy lady, I decided to take an UBER pool home, which we don’t have in Utah, so I jumped in the car with 2 other ladies.

SIDE NOTE:  All I can say is when you’ve had a couple of beverages, don’t EVER take a “pool”. I didn’t realize it would take nearly an hour to get home. You have to stop at each person’s location and if you are 3rd in the car you are last. Poor choice, I fell asleep on the way home, kind of funny, like a child you drive around the block to get back to sleep. However, I’m an adult and made it back safely.

Next Day: RACE DAY (Monday 4/16/18) The Boston Marathon

Caitlin had signed up for the race in memory of her grandpa which she called “Poppy”. He had passed one year prior due to cancer. He gave her that special inspiration to run and give back in his honor.

She has been training for nearly the whole year, running every half marathon, 10k, 5k, anything she could run to, HELL even to her mailbox! lol. She was definitely ready for the occasion, however, on race day it was basically a monsoon. I grew up in Utah, I’ve seen my rain and snow storms, but I tell you, I’ve never seen rain and wind like these runners were sprinting through.

However, there was an upside, free showers for everyone.

We waited along mile 21 for her to run through so we could cheer her on.

She was so highly spirited you would have thought this was mile 1 while she ran though smiling.

All of the runners were soaking wet, freezing, and some were even bleeding. I give tremendous props to all those runners who ran through that freezing rain and wind. What an accomplishment. I stayed with her family as she ran the rest of the way. Her mom was so sweet she packed snacks and drinks for us to wait in the car out of the rain while she finished. We tried to drive to see her at the finish line, but of course all the roads were blocked and we met her instead at the family meeting area. I will never forget seeing her, somewhat loopy and raving about how good the Hawaiian rolls were they had just given her at the finish line. I swear she was shoving those rolls in quicker than she could chew and had never been so happy. I just love her.


Later we met up with the rest of her family. She had gone to shower, aka defrost and we all changed into sweatpants provided by her brother because we were all soaking wet from cheering her and the other runners on.

Later we went down the road to celebrate. The whole fam and I tagging along went to a cute restaurant in (Southie) South Boston. Great food, great drinks, and great company. I’d say that this trip was probably the most influential trip I’ve taken. You don’t realize how much training goes into something like that. I felt lazy, even 80-year-olds were running the race. I don’t think I could do it, but I sure am proud Caitlin did it. Her mom says Caitlin aged her 15 years by stressing her out, it was pretty funny. So many people will benefit from the money she raised.

So proud of you Caitlin, 26.2 MILES … you killed it!

IMG_1719 2

Meanwhile, the next day I spent 15 hours at the airport missing a record 10 flights. You gotta love standby flights. I panicked after I missed the last flight of the day. I even had a little bit of a break down at the airport where I may or may not have cried like a baby in a chair when I didn’t get on the plane and was stranded. However, I tried to be positive. I booked a hotel nearby the airport so I could try to make the 5am flight in the morning and try the whole “standby” thing again.  I eventually did get on the flight that morning, and well now I’m typing this from an airplane way high up in the sky. Thanks mom for hooking me up with a flight home! Now back to reality.


Thanks for reading,


Traveling to Moab, Utah 2018

We traveled to Moab, Utah for 2 days.  A couple of my friends decided they wanted to run the half marathon in Moab, Utah.  We had planned a trip around them running this as a part going away trip for my friend Brittany.  May I just tell you, this was one of the best trips I’ve taken.  The scenery was majestic and the company was even better.

We decided after looking at hotels (considerably pricey) to forgo that and rent an Airbnb. The house was a condo they frequently rent out and it was fabulous. It went for about $150 a night and that between 7 people goes a long way, plus we could all be together and not in separate rooms.  It was like a giant sleepover.

Here is what we did in our 2 days in Moab:

DAY 1:

At the Arches National Park sign

We arrived late Friday night so we just slept once arriving. We got up early Saturday morning, a couple of the girls went to run the marathon while the rest of us went to Arches National Park.  The fee per car at this National Park was $25 to drive in, good for 7 days.  The Utah State Parks charge $15 per car, just a FYI.  While driving to the Delicate Arch we saw many other famous rocks.

First we saw Balancing Rock.

Balancing Rock

We then drove past the Window. From there we drove directly to the Delicate Arch. The hike was listed as Moderate. It was mostly flat, with a few areas you had to step up onto rocks, as well as a few steep inclines. It was very doable. The total hike was 3 miles round trip. It takes roughly 2.5 hours, however once we were at the Delicate Arch we sat and just took it in for a few hours. While hiking we found another window. From this arch (window) you can see the main Delicate Arch.

From inside the Window Arch looking towards Delicate Arch

This window is a steep incline to get into, just a heads up. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Next the Delicate Arche is just around the corner from here. About a 5 minute walk.

An Arch at the Arch

There was about 100 people waiting for their picture at the Arch so you basically have to wait in line or just jump in where you can.

ALO Yoga Attire with Nikes

Later that day we went to eat after the girls finished their marathon at a place called Peace Tree Cafe.  The food was made fresh and was delicious, they even stamped their logo on the hamburger buns, it was cute.  Brit wanted to go see the Dead Horse Point at sunset so we jumped in the car. I’d say its 30-45 min away from the Arches National Park entrance.  We didn’t do a hike, we just went the scenic route on this one. There was 2 lookout points we made a stop at.

The first one:



Second stop further up the canyon: Dead Horse Point


Dead Horse Point



Let me just say these pictures didn’t do it justice. (swoon)



Day 2:

We woke up to a lovely brunch cooked by Nicole. We had planned a day full of hikes, however the weather decided differently on our plans. It was quite a snow storm when we woke up so we waited some of it out before ultimately deciding to go to a hiking/lookout point to see if it was worth the hike.

We drove back to Canyonlands National Park to see the Mesa Arch.  The hike was ranked ‘Easy’ and it about .6 miles round trip. We can all thank Caitlin for all of her extra clothes she randomly had in her car. We had not planned for a winter hike, but apparently she had.  I borrowed her boots and thank goodness I did!!  This could have been a cake walk hike minus the snow that made things a little slippery.








After this shot we hiked back out and headed home. This was a short trip, but filled with so many magnificent views and memories.  Thanks for reading! Please like and follow my blog for more adventures to come! XO-G.

We took a Go Pro with us to capture the memories. Thanks to Nicole for filming and Jeremy for editing. Check it out!

Video of us dancing at Mesa Arch: