Snow Day L.A.

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Looking for something fun to do in Los Angeles during Christmas time? I suggest you check out Snow Day L.A.


It is held near Downtown Los Angeles, right by the Dodger stadium. The hike up the hill wasn’t too bad, but as you turn the corner they had a big sign out front.


I went with my roommate and we opted for the VIP deal which included $1 off sparkly beer, Penguin onesies, and you get to go through the VIP lines for tubing which is quicker than waiting in the normal lines.

Here are the sparkly beers…

Not the best quality, but I took a joy ride down the hill on a tube, it was fun! They had 3 hills to choose from. We only rode two of them due to the lines being so long, but the longer hill was my favorite.

Here we are posing in our Penguin outfits. They were super cute and soft!


The price was a little steep for the activities that were there, however, it seemed like it was worth it with the onesies included.  Next year, I’d probably opt for the cheaper pass and wear my Penguin onesie again.


The park was lit up with Christmas lights everywhere, they had music playing, a dance area, and bubbles everywhere creating a magical winter wonderland.  They even had a place to take pictures.

The snow was actually bubbles which made it look like a winter wonderland.

Hope you have a fun adventure as well…Thanks for reading!

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