Traveling to Moab, Utah 2018

We traveled to Moab, Utah for 2 days.  A couple of my friends decided they wanted to run the half marathon in Moab, Utah.  We had planned a trip around them running this as a part going away trip for my friend Brittany.  May I just tell you, this was one of the best trips I’ve taken.  The scenery was majestic and the company was even better.

We decided after looking at hotels (considerably pricey) to forgo that and rent an Airbnb. The house was a condo they frequently rent out and it was fabulous. It went for about $150 a night and that between 7 people goes a long way, plus we could all be together and not in separate rooms.  It was like a giant sleepover.

Here is what we did in our 2 days in Moab:

DAY 1:

At the Arches National Park sign

We arrived late Friday night so we just slept once arriving. We got up early Saturday morning, a couple of the girls went to run the marathon while the rest of us went to Arches National Park.  The fee per car at this National Park was $25 to drive in, good for 7 days.  The Utah State Parks charge $15 per car, just a FYI.  While driving to the Delicate Arch we saw many other famous rocks.

First we saw Balancing Rock.

Balancing Rock

We then drove past the Window. From there we drove directly to the Delicate Arch. The hike was listed as Moderate. It was mostly flat, with a few areas you had to step up onto rocks, as well as a few steep inclines. It was very doable. The total hike was 3 miles round trip. It takes roughly 2.5 hours, however once we were at the Delicate Arch we sat and just took it in for a few hours. While hiking we found another window. From this arch (window) you can see the main Delicate Arch.

From inside the Window Arch looking towards Delicate Arch

This window is a steep incline to get into, just a heads up. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Next the Delicate Arche is just around the corner from here. About a 5 minute walk.

An Arch at the Arch

There was about 100 people waiting for their picture at the Arch so you basically have to wait in line or just jump in where you can.

ALO Yoga Attire with Nikes

Later that day we went to eat after the girls finished their marathon at a place called Peace Tree Cafe.  The food was made fresh and was delicious, they even stamped their logo on the hamburger buns, it was cute.  Brit wanted to go see the Dead Horse Point at sunset so we jumped in the car. I’d say its 30-45 min away from the Arches National Park entrance.  We didn’t do a hike, we just went the scenic route on this one. There was 2 lookout points we made a stop at.

The first one:



Second stop further up the canyon: Dead Horse Point


Dead Horse Point



Let me just say these pictures didn’t do it justice. (swoon)



Day 2:

We woke up to a lovely brunch cooked by Nicole. We had planned a day full of hikes, however the weather decided differently on our plans. It was quite a snow storm when we woke up so we waited some of it out before ultimately deciding to go to a hiking/lookout point to see if it was worth the hike.

We drove back to Canyonlands National Park to see the Mesa Arch.  The hike was ranked ‘Easy’ and it about .6 miles round trip. We can all thank Caitlin for all of her extra clothes she randomly had in her car. We had not planned for a winter hike, but apparently she had.  I borrowed her boots and thank goodness I did!!  This could have been a cake walk hike minus the snow that made things a little slippery.








After this shot we hiked back out and headed home. This was a short trip, but filled with so many magnificent views and memories.  Thanks for reading! Please like and follow my blog for more adventures to come! XO-G.

We took a Go Pro with us to capture the memories. Thanks to Nicole for filming and Jeremy for editing. Check it out!

Video of us dancing at Mesa Arch:

DIY -Bathroom Edition

DIY Bathroom remodel.

Do you ever get bored with looking at the same room day in and day out? Yea, me too! I was looking at my bathroom and it looked like a creamy peach color with a pedestal sink. It was outdated and boring. Basically, I thought this would be a quick weekend project that literally took me months to full complete. UGH!!





Meanwhile, this photo was taken after that “DIY Itch” had taken over. This was the first step I took was Mudding all of the holes and unevenness that had occurred on the walls.


At this point I knew I wanted to paint it a grey tone, but as the professional that I am I went to Home Depot and selected a few paint colors to test with the lighting in the bathroom and stuck them on the wall to see which looked best.


I also knew I wanted to update the shelves in the bathroom to make it feel more “industrial”.


I also knew I wanted to somehow update the light fixtures and I was really feeling that Edison bulb vibe. Target Edison Bulb


So I unscrewed all the light bulbs and shoved paper towels in the sockets so I would spray that, and I found a black spray paint from Home Depot to spray the mirrored part with. I then found some Edison type of bulbs from Target that I put back in to finish the project up!



Next I decided on a paint color of white and grey. The Grey I decided on was called Dorian Grey (50 shades of grey) lol. I used Glidden Diamond paint. From there I knew I wanted stripes on the wall and thought to myself, “Ya this will be easy”. HA! Boy I was wrong. I ended up using Pinterest  for help with this. So basically the next step was a doozy.  If you do this yourself you will have to decide how thick you want the stripes and how many you want on the wall. From there you will need to measure the whole wall and start dividing out the numbers until you find which works best for that wall. Once I had done that I had to start marking the wall with a pencil for my tape lines. I used normal painters tape and it was an epic fail. I decided to buy the FROG tape and it was majestic. No blurred lines or bleeds, just perfect lines. Paint Lines


I also decided to spruce up the vanity with a new install. It involved cutting pipes and new fixtures, definitely a lot of YouTube watching to learn how to do it all, but I managed after being sprayed in the face several times to figure it out. #WORTHIT  Vanity

Next I wanted to add a little pizzaz to the mirror so I decided to frame it. I bought 4 pieces of baseboard from Home Depot and had it cut to the dimensions along with 4 little box end pieces to put on the ends. I also bought a dark stain to match the cabinets of the new vanity. Here is the process I followed. Frame Mirror


I also updated the shelves by staining them with the same color as the vanity and replacing the wall brackets with metal (unpainted) ones to give it that “industrial vibe”.


From here I replaced the light in the bathroom to a track light to give the bathroom better lighting. This is a basement bathroom and the only natural light is from a tiny window that is under the deck.  You can buy kits that are pretty easy to install. (Again watching YouTube) lol. Track Lighting


Next was the final step…besides decorating. I wanted to hang a mirror so I could see the back of my hair while standing in front of the other mirror. My grandma had always had a mirror hanging like this and I was always so envious. However, a medicine cabinet mirror was out of the question. I stained the mirror to match the vanity. I hung the mirror and it is fabulous!



I got to decorate now. My mom bought me a cute “G” with lights in it I hung in the window. I bought a few Buddha’s to place throughout the bathroom and a succulent to add a little life to my sink.


Rugs from Target. RUG

Finished Project:

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