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Giving the Gift of a Wooden Watch this Summer

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As many of you know, I am a watch fanatic!  I usually gravitate towards men or unisex watches since I have dainty wrists, I guess I like to make them look a little bigger and watches assist in that.  When I saw this Zebrawood and Maple watch I had to have it.  I had another wood watch that was heavy and hurt my wrists so I decided to try a new one. This one is crafted with Zebrawood maple which gives it a unique characteristic of Zebra-striped wood adding that extra pizzaz I was looking for in a watch.


The watch is lightweight and doesn’t hurt my wrist like that other wood watch did, so I absolutely love it.  The watch can be styled with many different outfits since it has both light and dark wood in one! You should definitely check out their selection if you are looking for a top quality wood watch. They are manufactured strong and resilient.  I’m quite clumsy and have hit it against a few things already and let me just tell you the wear is incredible.  The watches are also water resistant to an extent so I can afford to get splashed at the pool laying out and it will be fine.  (Not good for swimming in since its real wood).


The package they send includes a wooden box with magnets to store your beautiful wooden watch in.  In my case they included watch oil and a soft cloth to keep it looking perfect and cared for.


This is my JORD WATCH. So if you are looking to try out an excellent summer wooden watch, I totally suggest you try JORD watches out.  I’m loving mine. I’ve also partnered up with them to give away $100 towards one of their watches.  Giveaway goes until 7/29/18. Even if you don’t win, you will still get a code for 10% off your order!

Use my link:

Go check them out, and GOOD LUCK!!



3 Replies to “Giving the Gift of a Wooden Watch this Summer”

  1. Omg this watch look so good on you. Bestie birthday is in a week I need to look at this brand. Thanks for the info. You looked amazing ❤️

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