My Fitness Journey and the Bar Method

Fitness journey, Barre, Bar Method workout

The Bar Method or Barre for those ballet gurus is a fitness class I started about a year ago and am completely obsessed with! Fitness has always been a part of my life. I was brought up in dance class where my coordination was not on my side, so I transitioned into gymnastics. I trained for many years before becoming very ill and having to quit all physical activity as I was almost hospitalized.  Years later I was on the cheer and dance teams from Junior High to College while still teaching Karate and tumbling on the weekends.

I have been pretty skinny most of my life, however once out of college after losing my dad a lot of the weight really packed on to my stomach, love handles, and upper thighs. I know, I know, I am still little, however I am what you would call “skinny fat”. The bad habits I had created;  poor nutrition, depression, and no physical activity really led me down that tumultuous road. I was sad most of the time and would eat junk food and sit on the couch.

Last year, a friend of mine Cayte, asked a bunch of coworkers to try this class called “The Bar Method.”  Instant fear of how badly coordinated I was passed through my mind.  I didn’t want to go, but I forced myself to…and I’m so glad I did!



What is the Bar Method, Click the link below!

Bar Method Benefits

The Bar Method

The first class was hard, but very rewarding.  Newsflash, the classes never get easier, you just get stronger and better at the moves.  The great thing about this fitness class is, you don’t have to be coordinated, you just have to follow instructions.  I like this class mostly because you don’t realize you are working out. It’s fun, different, and always gives consistent results.

What do you do in class?



Typically you start out with some quick steps to get your heart rate up.  Followed by weight lifts, push ups/planks, reverse push ups, and a quick series of stretches.  A quick leg stretch at the bar usually follows, then thigh work.



Thigh work is my favorite/enemy all in the same sentence. Lol. It does wonders for your legs, but man does it hurt! Seat work is next (great for the buns),  followed by more stretches and then ab work. It’s a total body workout, it challenges not only your body, but your mind!

I’ve posted a couple of photos of just a few months difference of consistently going and working out. (Mind you I’ve since cleaned up my eating, and am not filling my body completely full of junk food).

Before: March 2016 (one year prior)


The Start:

April 28, 2017 (The First Day)


First Day of fitness Journey

One month later:


One month later

Before and After:

Before and After

Two months after:


2 months later

My Progress:


Keep in mind fitness is a constant journey. I have my highs and lows, I still make bad choices on impulse food options or find myself working through the day and not eating at all. I have noticed however, that my depression and anxiety attacks have mostly diminished. I work on making myself lunches now so I don’t forget to eat, or eat poor food choices. I workout 3-5x a week at the bar method, go for a walk, do yoga, or make other fitness choices to keep my stress levels low.  I hope you will give The Bar Method or  any Barre class a try. First time is free, what do you have to lose?

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